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Burton 4-H Center

Georgia 4-H Summer Camp
Cloverleaf Camp and Marine Resources Camp

Burton 4-H Center plays host to one of the many UGA Extension 4-H Summer Camps. Other camp locations include: Jekyll Island 4-H Center, Wahsega 4-H Center, Rock Eagle 4-H Center, and Fortson 4-H Center. 4-H Camp on Tybee Island is a week-long experience that includes visits to the beach and many other fun and exciting activities. 4-H Camp is a fun and rewarding experience. Cooperation and character building, along with just having a great time, are all part of the camping adventure.

Cloverleaf Camp will be held at Burton 4-H Center this year!

Classes & Activities

Below is a short description of the different “fun time with counselor” activities that your campers will be taking part in during their week at camp.  It is very important that you and the other adults with your group attend the "fun time with counselor" activities and color crew sessions.  This is foremost for the health, safety and welfare of the campers.  If a camper should be injured or need to take a "time out", we need the agents and leaders assigned to help us out.  Here are a few things to know about each class.

Dolphin Cruise
Campers will ride a boat through the marsh watching for dolphins and other wildlife that spend their time searching for food. Boat crew and counselors will provide natural history interpretation of animals and other sights seen.

Campers wear old clothes and shoes because they will be getting wet and muddy as they explore the marsh habitat. You must have closed toe shoes--No sandals, water socks, Croc’s or tevas please. If you wish, we have a stock of old shoes that you can wear for this class.  They will be looking for Fiddler Crabs, Periwinkle Snails and even take a look at what swims in the salt water they might have swallowed during swim time! .

Now is the time for sandals.  We will get our feet wet and look for shark teeth while learning about the forces shaping the beach. Please help us keep watch on the campers at the beach


Spend some time in air conditioned comfort while learning how to use a compass and practicing your math skills.  Then go outside and put what you have learned into practice as you navigate from point to point around the Burton 4-H Center.

Campers will learn about the invertebrates that live in the marsh and ocean surrounding the camp.  They will have a chance to hold some of these animals or see how we collect them.  Please make sure campers wash their hands after class.

Campers will get to meet our live animal collection including an alligator, turtles and snakes.

Squid Dissection
Get hands-on with these wonderful creatures as you inspect a squid up        close and personal.  Carefully cut your squid open to see how it works inside and learn about the critical role these animals play in the local environment.

Healthy Living
Take a look at lifestyles and how choices as a young person can carry    over into adult life setting a person up for success!

All swimming is done in the ocean.  The Tybee Island lifeguard and lead  counselor will make the final decisions on swimming time if potentially dangerous water conditions exist.  Eight agents and/or leaders (minimum) are needed in the water at all times.

These leaders/agents along with summer camp counselors form a box within which all of the campers swim.  The Burton 4-H Center will provide beach shirts for all adults and children.  You MUST wear a beach shirt to go to the beach with us. 

All transportation to the center must be provided by the county.

While at Burton, all transportation for all activities off the property will be provided by the Burton 4-H Center.


Rules & Regulations

The following will be covered during the camper orientation held upon arrival.  Acquaint your campers with these rules and regulations before your trip and it will help make a smooth week at camp.

  • Listen to counselors and adults.  A raised hand indicates that it is time to listen.
  • Shoes, wet or dry, must be worn at all times.  The only exception is the volleyball court. Please, no flip flops outside of the dorms
  • Do not leave money in the dormitories.
  • No running or climbing on the A-Frame roof.
  • No students allowed on dock, trail, or marsh boardwalk without an adult.
  • No food or drink in dormitories.
  • Rinse off the mud and sand outside at the hoses.  Wet shoes can stay outside.
  • Quiet hours are from 10:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m.
  • Collect only empty shells.  Shells are to be rinsed off outside, not in the sink.  Do not collect live sand dollar or sea urchins.
  • Campers are responsible for cleaning their dormitories before departure.  Cleanup is supervised by the adults and agents in that dorm.
  • No camper is to leave the Camp property without an adult.
  • Put trash and recyclables in appropriate containers.

The official Georgia 4-H Summer Camp dress code can be found on the Georgia 4-H Summer Camp webpage or by clicking here.

The Burton 4-H Center wants to keep your child safe and our grounds maintained. Your assistance with these rules is greatly appreciated.


What to Bring

Note: Everything should be marked with the child's name with a waterproof marker. Do not bring jewelry or other items of value.

  • Waterproof Sunscreen!
  • Linens (mattresses are extra long!), blankets or sleeping bag (linens are NOT provided at camp)
  • Pillow
  • Daily change of clothes and underwear (shorts, tee shirts, etc.  Pack clothes that can get dirty and sandy!)
  • Shoes and Socks (Bring at least 2 pairs—one that can get wet and muddy)
  • Sport sandals (the kind with a heel strap)
  • Towels (wash cloth, shower towels and beach/pool towels)
  • Soap, toothpaste, toothbrush and other toiletries, shower shoes
  • Bathing suits, please make sure these are 1 piece or tankini suits that are both modest and appropriate.  All guests will wear a Burton swim shirt during beach time.
  • Rain jacket
  • Sunglasses and/or hat
  • Money for canteen (Bring change for soda machine!)
  • Plastic garbage bag for wet clothes
  • Insect Repellent
  • Money for lunch for bus trip to and from camp as needed.  Please contact your county office for this information.
  • Shower shoes for wearing in bathroom and showers.

Optional Items

  • Day Pack
  • Flip flops will be allowed only in dorm.
  • Water Bottle
  • Camera, film (use of disposables is recommended, mark your full name on camera)
  • Pen, paper, stamps
  • Old tennis shoes or knee boots (wellies) for walking in marsh or forest.
    ** All items should be marked with the child’s name on the inside of clothing **

Do Not Bring

  • Knives                 
  • Radios, video games, CD players
  • Cell phones        
  • Shaving cream
  • Fireworks              
  • Chewing gum
  • Excessive amount of cash or items of great value (emotional or monetary)

Clothing guidelines

  • No clothing should be worn that violates the Code of Conduct.
  • Underwear should be worn at all times and should not be visible.
  • Camp is rough on clothes—bring only clothes that are okay to get wet or muddy.
  • Bring extra socks and underwear—you always need them!

4-H Statement

4-H'ers are to leave radios (boom boxes and walkman), computers, televisions, and video games at home unless authorized by and used under direct supervision of the member's leader. 4-H'ers should be discouraged from bringing cell phones. No programs are to be disturbed or interrupted with personal electronic equipment. 4-H'ers are not allowed to bring skates, roller blades, bicycles, laser lights or other personal items that would make safety an issue. Safety and damage/loss of expensive items are the concern.

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Slideshows from Summer Camp 2014

Slideshows from the summer will be posted in late July. When you click on the slideshow links below (photos or text), you will be taken to our photo albums on the Picasa web-site. To return to this page, just close the slideshow window, or hit your back button.


Summer Camp 2015
Week 1


Summer Camp 2015
Week 2


Summer Camp 2015
Cloverleaf Camp
Week 3


Summer Camp 2015
Week 4


Summer Camp 2015
Cloverleaf Camp
Week 5


Summer Camp 2015
Week 6


Summer Camp 2015
Cloverleaf Camp
Week 7


Marine Resource Camp 2015


** The pictures from Summer Camp 2015 Cloverleaf Week 1 and Week 5 are not available. We are sorry.


2015 Summer Camp Staff

2015 Summer Camp Counselors


Steven Waldrop, Captain

Steven Waldrop Captain

Ashleigh Childs Ashleigh Childs   Colquitt
Hannah Eaton Hannah Eaton   Morgan
Aubrey Fowler Aubrey Fowler
Ryan Johnson Ryan Johnson   Telfair
Gabi Wall Gabi Wall   Harris
Hope Weisbrod Hope Weisbrod   Lowndes


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